Digital Artefact BCM215

Movie Tie-In Games are games that were popular during the late 90s to mid 2000s that were released off the back of major motion pictures to cash in on the popularity, often seen with big action blockbusters and other genres of film. Often seen as cash grabs I want to look into the games that did well and also others that may have not done so well

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 1.08.09 pm.pngFor my digital artefact I will be looking into the world of movie tie in games and reviewing them and even looking into why they existed and why they have ceased to exist now. I will be engaging other students to to see what games they remember playing as a kid that was related to a movies release. I will be even  looking into games that I played as a kid and see if the games still stand up to this day or if it’s just pure nostalgia .

I will be doing this digital artefact in the form of blog posts. Some weeks I may review a game or i may look into the history of a certain movie and its related game and the interesting story behind them. The reviews will be opinion based and the research blogs will be cited and well researched. Some weeks may be a video and other weeks make consist of a poll to see what movie tie in games are deemed the best.

think this Digital Artefact will be fun and  interesting for myself and my readers and we can have fun and open discussions about Movie Tie-In games and other related materials.

Heres my video pitch below:

6 thoughts on “Digital Artefact BCM215

  1. Pingback: Chris Davis
  2. Hey Chris!

    I super appreciate this idea you have about movie tie-ins with video games! It’s a really interesting topic and would really bring your targeted audience something to remember. However, maybe you could expand on this a little bit? As well as discussing how and why those games existed, maybe you could also add in how it impacted the actual movies themselves, like whether or not having movie tie-in games helped the popularity and/or ratings of the movie. You could probably also dig into the debate of whether the games actually made MORE money than the movie itself. It would be interesting to look into that too.
    Also I noticed a spelling error in your blog… eek!
    Here’s a website I found that might help your discussion as to why games based on movies disappeared, and why they’re coming back.
    I also found this website that provides some data on video games; not sure how relevant it is to your topic but you might find something worth while in there.
    Hope it goes well!


  3. I liked the clean aesthetic of your pitch video/presentation! However, having a voiceover for your pitch video would have been extremely beneficial, it felt like there was something missing. I wasn’t aware GoldenEye was remade as a video game, and am quite interested and intrigued in how it was created, what was game like? Maybe non-mainstream movies/games are something you could tap into! You could also mention the 1995 Die Hard Arcade game (, Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and Bartok (, and my personal favourite, Disney’s Pocahontas for Sega Genesis and Gameboy ( In terms of academic sources, I’d check out ‘De-framing video games from the light of cinema’ by Perron & Arsenault (2015), as it explores how we frame video games as cinema, and vice versa. Some research and insight that differs to that presented in the video would also be useful, as well as some grammar, or proofreading by a friend. Nice job otherwise!

    Game Archive (2014), Die Hard Arcade (Dynamite Deka) Arcade Longplay 60FPS. Available at:

    Jake Nolddor (2014), [Full Gameplay] Pocahontas [Sega Megadrive/Genesis]. Available at:

    Perron, B. and Arsenault, D. (2015). De-framing video games from the light of cinema. GAME, [online] 04. Available at:

    90’s Nostalgia (2015), Anastasia – Adventures With Pooka and Bartok (1997) | Part 1 of 5. Available at:


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